Understanding Wagyū

The most tender meat in the world

Sweet, salty, bitter, sour and ... umami. A new term is needed to describe the Japanese Kobe and Wagyū beef. Otherwise you would be speechless. The word "umami" indicates the authentic taste of the proteins and therefore of the quality meat as well as the other dishes of Aomi prepared only with this precious and original marbled meat. For meat lovers and connoisseurs.

The most tender temptations

There is a lot of confusion about the best meat in the world. Do you know the difference between Wagyū and Kobe Beef? If not, we will reveal it to you and offer you some basic knowledge.

Wagyū and Kobe Beef
Japanese cattle in the Alps

At the Oberweidacherhof on the Renon, Wagyū cattle found a new home. There they can graze outdoors and grow naturally, just like their brothers in Japan. The result: happy animals and very high quality meat.

Wagyū from South Tyrol
Cooked at 900° C

As for the grill, Aomi is at the forefront. We cook in a healthy way and without adding fat, with a single heat source from above.

Beef Grill
To melt away!

Take a look at our menu and discover our Wagyū refinements. From the ham to the pâté ...

Wagyu finishing
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