Wagyū ceremony

The Aomi taste ritual

Let yourself be carried into the world of the most pleasant aromas and experience a true ritual of taste that leads to a liaison between the senses savoured amid notes of flavour. The ambience alone - embellished with traditional Japanese Shoji sliding doors, indigo blue as the predominant colour and evergreen bamboo plants - elevates the atmosphere, which removes you from the here and now creating the perfect context to start the Wagyū ceremony. At Aomi you do not simply order your favourite menu, but you also receive information on the origin and value of the meat and choose your own steak knife.

Reality and myth

Kobe and Wagyū are the quintessence of fine meat. Not because the cattle are caressed by the notes of classical music ... The secret lies in the meat itself, wonderfully tender, tasty and perfectly marbled. We are so convinced that Wagyū and Kobe Beef is much more than a meat that we wish it were a separate food category...

Understanding Wagyū
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