One for all, all for one

The Wagyū ambassadors

Behind every dish is Andrea Santagiuliana and his team of six chefs. From 2016 the young Vicenza native has managed the Hidalgo Grill Restaurant and of the Aomi Waygū Restaurant, demonstrating how similar passions can create a strong and harmonious team.

Andrea Santagiuliana, chef

"For me it's hard to describe ... Try closing your eyes and imagine something tender that melts on your palate ... It's a sensation that has no words: you have to try it!"

Michele Sau, sous chef

"Wagyū is a concentration of flavours that can excite and have to be tasted in life. Each time it's like the first."

Eugenio Ler, appetizers

"For me, the sense of cooking is found in using local products, my origins and my story to create new dishes. That is how I created the Wagyū sandwiches."

Anna Maria Pucci, pâtissière

"The Wagyū selection are characterized by an intense marbling makes our meat melt in your mouth like a chocolate."

Our maître d'hôtel Alexander Senoner serves the creations made in the kitchen respecting the Wagyū ceremony. In September 2017, the chef and Alexander accompanied Otto Mattivi on our second trip to Japan, an experience that allowed everyone to further deepen the Wagyū culture and make them become true ambassadors of Japanese culinary tradition.

Alexander Senoner, maître d'hôtel

"My art is to share and celebrate the Wagyū passion with the guests."

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