Wagyu finishing

Delicatessen of Japanese beef

Ham, salami, Lardocreme, Pâté: In the Aomi you can enjoy the finest delicacies in various degrees of ripeness. These Wagyū refinements, developed over a period of two years, are created through the craftsmanship from Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna and made it possible to highlight the special characteristics of the Japanese Tajima Gyū breed even more. The idea had Otto Mattivi, because he wanted to do more than just barbeque, he wanted to express the special enamel. The Wagyu delicatessen that have been created do 'noelen' as said in the South Tyrolean dialect. You want more of it, you cannot eat enough as so many are the flavours are released in the mouth. The result are unique Wagyu delicatessen products, which are air-dried for 7 months and brought to perfection by hand. The goal is to process as much of this high-quality meat as possible and consciously avoid wasting food. As a result, 100% original Wagyū beef is processed, preservatives are deliberately avoided.

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