Beef Wagyū and Kobe

Insider knowledge

There is a lot of confusion about the best meat in the world. What you absolutely need to know is that Kobe Beef is Wagyū, but not all Wagyū is Kobe Beef. The Japanese term Wagyū means Japanese beef (Gyū) (Wa). The breed is the Tajima-gyū (Japanese black). The Kobe Beef Marketing Association has defined a protected indication of origin with the Kobe Beef brand, which refers exclusively to the Tajima beef from the prefecture of Hyogō with the capital Kobe. Therefore only pure bred beef born, raised and slaughtered in the Hyogo prefecture and which meets stringent quality criteria can be called Kobe. Wagyū beef is considered the best, most tender, healthy and expensive meat in the world, internationally famous for its high degree of marbling. In addition to Kobe Beef, we also offer the Kagoshima Beef of the southernmost prefecture of Japan. Enjoying the southern climate, the meat of these animals is particularly aromatic and tender. In Japan there are numerous breeding regions of Wagyū cattle, such as, Matsusaka, Ohmi, and Myazaki.

Japanese cattle in the Alps

At the Oberweidacherhof on the Renon, Wagyū cattle found a new home. There they can graze outdoors and grow naturally, exactly as this species requires. The result: happy animals and very high quality meat.

Wagyū from South Tyrol
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