Beef Grill

Pretty hot

During numerous trips to Italy, Germany, Belgium, Monte Carlo and New York, we had the opportunity to compare different grill systems. Finally we opted for a high temperature grill with an electric heat source coming from the top, which cooks at 900° C in a healthy way and without the addition of fat. This way, the meat retains its original taste and taste.

The most tender temptation

There is a lot of confusion about the best meat in the world. Do you know the difference between Wagyū and Kobe Beef? If not, we will reveal it to you and offer you some basic knowledge.

Wagyū and Kobe Beef
Japanese cattle in the Alps

At the Oberweidacherhof on the Renon, Wagyū cattle found a new home. There they can graze outdoors and grow naturally, exactly as this species requires. The result: happy animals and very high quality meat.

Wagyū from South Tyrol
Tasty highlights

Do you want to surprise your guests with a special culinary experience or participate in a tasting of exquisite Wagyū specialties? We can help!  Let our team advise you...

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